A water source heat pump utilizes ground temperatures to provide efficient, low cost heating and cooling.

Benefits of a water source heat pump system:

Energy efficient, lowering energy costs substantially.
Environmentally friendly (as per the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy). No greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide emissions.
Cool and heat different rooms, at different temperatures.
Smaller footprint than required by conventional HVAC systems.
No exterior compressor, making it easily accessible and safe from vandalism.
Noise reduction.

On a preventive maintenance visit, we will:

Check pump control system confirming control sequence conforms to specifications, adjust as needed.
Check system devices for improper operation, adjust as needed.
Check variable frequency dive for proper operation. Correct as needed.
Check electrical components for wear and tear, repair or replace as needed.
Check pump for corrosion.
Clean pump strainer.
Check control box for dirt and confirm terminations are tightly in place, correct and clean as needed.
Check motor contactor signs of damage, repair or replace as needed.
Check bearing and coupling seating and operation, repair and replace as needed.
Check drive alignment, adjust as needed.
Check for proper water flow, adjust and clean as needed.
Check serviceable bearings, lubricate as needed.