Pressure testing is a necessary procedure after piping installation and repair.  A specific amount of pressure is placed on the pipe, usually based on manufacture recommendations, to find any leak in the system before it can be put into use.

There are three common HVAC pressure tests.

Hydrostatic pressure testing is used to verify the performance of fluid pressure vessels and find leaks in pipelines and plumbing. If utilized, the test can help maintain the safety standards as well as the lasting durability of the pressurized vessel over time.

Pneumatic pressure testing deploys the same concept, but instead of fluid, air is used in situations where freezing risks are evident.

Duct pressure testing is specifically for duct air leakage. The airflow through the fan is measured and is used to interpret duct leakage. Leaky ducts are repaired and retested if the amount of leakage is not within acceptable specifications. This process continues until optimal results are achieved.