Cyril Air is happy to provide New York City HVAC Services to the Retail & Food Industries and Private Businesses & Schools.

Cyril Air is dedicated to providing unsurpassed service. We specialize in Sales, Installation and Maintenance. We offer commercial equipment installations, insulation, troubleshooting, repairs and service agreements that will keep your unit functioning at peak performance.

While we offer a wide range of energy consulting services to assist your company in every area of HVAC/temperature controls, we consistently seek out opportunities to decrease costs while improving the quality of your building’s environment.

Our design and engineering experts develop a complete HVAC project for our clients and our engineers are well equipped to evaluate your space and design an efficient yet economical system that will be more than sufficient for your needs.

Cyril Air has the ability to address your facility on a turnkey basis for expansion, ductwork, retro fit, or renovation projects. The systems/projects we have designed are energy efficient, economical and have flexibility to accommodate clients changing requirements.