Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

Cyril Air offers commercial equipment installations, insulation, troubleshooting, repairs and service agreements that will keep your heating and/or air conditioning unit functioning at peak performance. Our design and engineering experts develop a complete Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) project for our clients. We have the ability to address your facility on a turnkey basis for expansion, ductwork, air handlers and compressors, retrofit, or renovation projects.

The systems/projects we have designed are energy efficient, economical and have flexibility to accommodate clients changing requirements.


Cooled or heated indoor air soon grows stale and must be exhausted to rid the workplace of toxins, odors, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. Exhausting that air and replacing it with outside air which must be conditioned is critical to health and a productive workspace. Ventilators and purifiers have been shown to minimize the ill effects of indoor air pollutants, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and chemicals, as well as reduce airborne viruses and bacteria. Our technicians are experienced in air quality evaluation and they are prepared to help you assess your indoor air quality needs.


Dry, heated indoor air is often responsible for irritated sinuses, noses or throats, itchy skin, static electricity, and cracked woodwork, wallpaper and paint.
Controlled humidity is necessary to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. You can enjoy enhanced comfort and energy savings since humidified air actually feels warmer than dry air, meaning the thermostat can be set at a lower temperature for more economical operation.

These are some of the unit types we suggest:

Rooftop Package Units
Ductless Mine Split Systems
Water Source Heat Pumps
MakeUp Air Units (MAU)
Exhaust fans

Cyril Air proudly services New York City and installs systems from these manufacturers:

Call Us for a no-obligation installation estimation. We’ll help you cut down your energy bills.


Please note: While new install evaluations are free, upgrade/retrofit evaluation and repair calls require a $200 diagnostic visit fee. If you accept our quote, the evaluation visit cost is credited to your bill.