Ductless mini split units can be used as a primary source of cooling and heating for light commercial and residential application. We suggest these units for small projects that require a multi-zone set up or a ducted style setup (ducted style meets the needs of short duct runs to deliver and return air from the interior space, back to the unit).

Ductless mini split units are also used in large commercial spaces for split cooling. Large spaces utilizing a central cooling/heating system sometimes experience hot spots caused by the introduction of new equipment which wasn’t accounted for at the time of the central system’s installment. A ductless mini split unit can quickly correct this problem. Cyril Air can install it directly into the problem area with the condenser conveniently located outside. It can be quickly installed and put into operation. A ductless mini split will restore comfort faster than any other conventional air condition/heating unit.

Cyril Air can furnish, install and repair these systems. We offer preventive maintenance to keep your system operating at peak performance.