Rooftop Package Units

When indoor space is limited, a rooftop package is the optimal choice for heating and cooling. The entire unit can be conveniently located on the roof, where it’s well ventilated. Rooftop package units eliminate the need for piping and control wiring between the outdoor part of the system and the indoor equipment.


Looking for an efficient way to heat and cool your indoor space? Consider a rooftop package unit! With the entire unit located on the roof, there’s no need for piping or control wiring between indoor and outdoor equipment. Plus, rooftop units can be easily replaced and offer energy-saving benefits like free cooling. Cyril Air Inc provides comprehensive maintenance services for rooftop units, including adjusting thermostats, cleaning filters and coils, checking freon levels, and more. Contact us for a free installation estimation and start cutting down on your energy bills today.


Rooftop package units are easily replaceable. They can be removed from the roof by lifting it off and putting new equipment into the exisiting unit position. Indoor split systems and other indoor equipment can require various forms of reconstruction, from demolition of the ceiling to cutting into the building’s structure, due to the necessity of re-piping the refrigerant lines in seperation of control wiring during the replacement process.


Rooftop package units also offer the energy saving benefits of free cooling. These units have full access to outdoor air and can be equipped with an economizer system providing full access to  100% outside air into the building. When outdoor temperatures and humidity is most suitable for cooling, energy consumption is reduced because the building can be effectively cooled without the use of the system’s compressor. This also allows for fresh air to be circulated in the building, reducing the use of circulated stale air which can carry odors and bacteria.


Rooftop package units can be outfitted with a reverse cycle heat pump, providing both heating and cooling when there is no gas or fire service available to the roof.


On a preventive maintenance visit for a Rooftop Package Unit, we will:

Check and adjust thermostat to give optimum accuracy
Clean filters or make recommendations on proper filtration
Check coils and clean condenser inside and out
Check freon levels and recommend adjustments
Clean drain line and pans
Check controls and monitor voltage and amp draws
Check for proper safeties and test
Evaluate air flow, make adjustments as necessary

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Please note: While new install evaluations are free, upgrade/retrofit evaluation and repair calls require a $200 diagnostic visit fee. If you accept our quote, the evaluation visit cost is credited to your bill.