Cyril Air offers installation, repairs and maintenance of exhaust fans.

Exhaust fans are your primary source of ventilation, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or lounge – smoke purge or general ventilation – air exchange must be maintained at all times. Insufficient ventilation can lead to indoor pollution, spread of airborne disease and odor. On installation, your exhaust fan must be sized correctly to effortlessly move the right volume of air to meet ventilation requirement while not consuming more energy than necessary.

Inadequate ventilation is not easily noticed, but can be easily discovered if regular maintenance is scheduled. An exhaust fan that is working isn’t necessarily performing the task it was designed for.  Belt slippage, worn pulleys and clogged wheels are some of the problems exhaust fans continue to operate under.

On a preventive maintenance visit, we will:

Check switch operation and repair as required.
Check cleanliness of fan and fan blades and clean as needed.
Check fan belt tension, wear and alignment and replace if necessary.
Check drive alignment, wear, bearings, coupling seating and operation and repair and replace as needed.
Using a C Clamp Amprobe, measure the motor amperage because increased current flow may indicate that the bearings need adjustment or replacement.
Check thermostat operation for automatically controlled exhaust fans.
Check sequence control for an exhaust fan that is part of a fan system.