Ice Maker Servicing, Resizing and Ventilation

Ice Makers In Your NYC Commercial Kitchen and Bars

Commercial ice makers are a vital appliance for many different types of businesses. Keeping your ice maker running at optimal performance is a necessity.
Cyril Air offers these services to assist in reaping maximum benefits from your ice maker investment.

Ice Maker Chemical Cleaning

To increase ice production, lower water and electricity costs and avoid violation of health department requirements, we suggest a chemical cleaning twice per year. This will reduce hard water build up and eliminate slime and mold from the water circuits.

Ice Maker Resizing

Resizing your unit is an option when you feel the unit isn’t making enough ice based on business requirements due to seasonal changes.

In any business, ice needs are rarely uniform. You may find that in the summers more ice is needed than your unit can produce. We could size your ice maker base on your nature of business, and to meet all your needs upon demand.

Ice Maker Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause low ice production during the summer and poor operations of any adjacent cooling equipment due to the unit becoming over heated.We can install a remote condenser to the outside (if applicable) or convert your unit from air cooled to water cooled.

Cyril Air Inc repairs and services major brands such as Hoshzaki, Manitowoc, Scottman, Crystal tip and Cool Draft for New York City Commercial Kitchens and Bars for almost 10 years.