Water based air conditioning and heating is an efficient way to effectively cool and heat your indoor environment. However, due to the high cost of water usage and because of city regulations, water based cooling units should not be operated unless the water utilized by the unit can be recycled.

A cooling tower is used for this purpose. Little water is necessary to maintain the water at prime level, as some of it evaporates through the cooling tower, while most of it is recycled and reused.

Cooling towers can be installed for both small and large application.
Some existing air cooled air conditioning units can be converted into water cooled and a cooling tower can be added to the system.

If you’re experiencing constant break down due to overheating during summer operation, a water cooled system may be one of our suggestions. Our technical team can review your current set up and advise you on whether this application best fits your needs.

Cyril Air can furnish, install, repair and service your cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Preventive Maintenance service includes:

Performing water treatment analysis of system water and treat as needed to ensure proper water chemistry.

Inspect, clean and/or replace water system UV lamp as needed to ensure operation.

Inspect, clear all debris from blow down or drain valve to ensure proper operation. Repair or replace if necessary.

Inspect and clean chemical injector device as needed.

Inspect, adjust and/or repair cooling tower fan drive system due to excessive wear, improper bearing seating and improper alignment. Replace parts when necessary.

Inspect and clean sump and strainer.

Inspect and adjust variable frequency drive for proper operation.

Inspect pumps and associated electrical components. Repair or replace as needed.

Inspect control box for dirt, debris and or loose terminations. Adjust and clean as needed.

Inspect, clean, repair and/or replace fan blades as needed.

Inspect for fouling, corrosion or degradation. Clean and repair as needed.

Inspect damper operation. Repair, replace or adjust as needed.

Inspect fluid flow and clean, adjust and repair as necessary to restore proper flow.

Inspect cooling tower motor and pump for proper operation. Repair or replace as needed.