Whether you are considering opening a commercial kitchen, welding shop or any form of business that will create pollution, a Clean Air Precipitator might be the solution.

NYC Building codes require that cooking fumes, smoke and other pollution must be vented above the roof line of the building of operations. Sometime this may not be possible because of landmark regulation, air space conflict or even high cost due to the height of the building. An alternative to venting above the roof line is installing a clean air precipitator.

The clean air precipitator will extract odor, smoke, grease and other pollution from your operation, producing clean air as a result.

electrostatic precipitator Cyril Air recommends Smog-Hog PSG air cleaning systems for commercial Kitchens.
“Smog-Hog, a well-known name in the commercial kitchen exhaust and air cleaning industry, uses electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology to remove grease and odors from cooking processes for cleaner air. So, there is no need for costly filter replacements—just routine service cleanings are required.”